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Setting the standard for luxury residential developments, Riffa Views Signature Estates is a cut above the rest. With three unique residential Estates; The Lagoons, The Oasis and The Park, each individually themed and including multiple amenities and wide open spaces, Riffa Views not only offers a luxurious lifestyle, but all the benefits of living in a flourishing suburban area.


2 Bedroom

193 sqm - TH

Starting Price BD149,000
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3 Bedroom

274 sqm - TH

Starting Price BD180,000
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3 Bedroom

297 sqm - VILLA

Starting Price BD245,000
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4 Bedroom

349 sqm - VILLA

Starting Price BD280,000
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5 Bedroom

472 sqm - VILLA

Starting Price BD355,000
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6 Bedroom

852 sqm - VILLA

Starting Price BD785,000
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The Park Estate is an exclusive enclave within Riffa Views providing the sophisticated Mediterranean lifestyle which includes Green vast parks and walkways, palm tree lined avenues, exotic residences that reflect the brilliant sun with their earth col-ored shades and flared gardens.

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The sands of Bahrain and the soothing natural shades of green create a picturesque environment for the villas in the Oasis Estate. Featuring a classic architectural style, these beautifully crafted villas are a work of art and a poignant reminder of the magic of Arabic tradition.

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The calm waters of the Lagoon Estate frames a combination of sparkling blue waters and lush green flora present a soothing feeling of tranquility. The contemporary architecture of Lagoons creates an effortless feeling of calm, with clean exterior styling and expansive indoor areas.

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