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Welcome to your home, where a 90-hectare golf course is your view; a world-class international school is your child’s study room; a Country Club is your gym; lakes are your private oasis and a 196-hectare green landscape is your garden. Welcome home to Riffa Views.


Riffa Views comprises three exclusively distinct Signature Estates, a Colin Montgomerie championship golf course, a world-class international school and state-of-theart facilities and amenities. In creating an integrated development we are establishing a sustainable community. Our homeowners are part of Riffa Views success story, a story of many chapters and one that will be told for many years to come.


I think we have realised a lot of ambitions of this project. What is important now is to work on preserving the gains achieved so far, and to ensure sustainable well-being for the owners. This is because what they aspire for is a community which allows them to live in calm and peace of mind, and provides them with secure gardens in which their children can play, and where they can spend memorable times with their families and neighbours.


As for what distinguishes our project from other real estate projects is the basic concept on which the Riffa Views is based. It is an integrated modern and environment-friendly project. Therefore, we have every right to be proud of having the largest residential project in Bahrain, in terms of green space. The project also provides high-quality basic services that are needed by any residential community. It is also evident that the Riffa Views is the only residential complex in the Kingdom that falls within the residential golf complexes category, which is almost limited even at the level of the region.


The provision of basic services to the residents of the Riffa Views is a priority for us, and it is a necessary requirement in any residential project of this size. So, we have been keen on constructing such key facilities while building our three residential complexes.


The Riffa Views International School, which is among prestigious schools, not only in Bahrain, but also at the world level, thanks to its modern school curricula and innovative teaching strategies, was opened in 2008/2009, and the first batch will graduate this academic year, God Willing.


We also have the Royal Golf Club which hosts World Championships and includes a golf course of 18 holes that was designed by the famous world golfer, Colin Montgomerie, in addition to a short 9-hole course which has attracted key international golf players over the past years. As to the Royal Country Club, it provides continuous sports activities for residents and visitors throughout the year.


Moreover, we have two sports academies. They are the JC’s Tennis Academy and the Riffa Views Football Academy. They attract young talent and youth.


Among the important facilities that have added is the Riffa Palms complex. It includes a supermarket and restaurants that serve residents and visitors, which has entitled it to be a centre for social meetings and interaction in the Southern Governorate.


There are three mosques that serve the Riffa Views’ community. Two have been built in the Oases Estate, and another in the Parks Estate. We will start building a mosque in the Lagoon Estate in the coming months.