Riffa Views Holds Third RV Day Out

The Riffa Views residential complex held, in cooperation with the Riffa Views’ Owners Association, the third “RV Day Out” at the garden of the Oasis Estate, in the presence of residents and their friends.

The fun-filled RV Day Out is part of the events hosted by the Riffa Views for the residents of its estates, the Parks, Lagoon and Oasis, and their families.

General Manager of the Riffa Views’ Owners Association, Ali Zubari, asserted that the “RV Day Out” was held at the request of the residents of the Riffa Views’ estates following the outstanding success of the first two Day Out, which were held in December, adding that the event included a mini farmers’ market.

The “RV Day Out” featured a host of leisure activities and games for kids, in addition to an expo of home-made products put for sale, Zubari added, noting that the moderate weather conditions contributed to the success of such events which will continue until April, 2017.

He also said that such events aimed to strengthen ties between the Riffa Views real estate company and the owners of the Riffa Views’ villas.

This week’s “RV Day Out” was held at the garden of the Oasis Estate, which is located in the middle of the Riffa Views’ three estates, and is distinguished by its greenery and complete facilities, including car parks, areas to showcase home-made products and seats for visitors, which provides visitors with a unique opportunity to enjoy the picnic and spend happy and memorable moments with their families and friends.