Riffa Views holds fun-filled family sports day

The management of the Riffa Views’ residential complex has organised a family sports day, as part of the events it holds for the residents and their families and friends at three estates, the Parks, the Lagoons and the Oasis.

The event, held last week at the Parks Estate’s main garden in cooperation with the Riffa Views’ Owners Association, was attended by a great number of residents and their families. A number of sports and fun clubs and several health institutions participated in the sports day.

The sports day featured several a series of competitions and accompanying events that included basketball, training on skating on skis and wheeled trainers for children and adults, shows and training on NIA for ladies and mothers, running, tug of war rope, bicycle race for children, snooker games, pneumatic rubber games and somersault with aerobic ball. The event, in which many restaurants participated and provided meals, also included medical check-ups and measurement of fitness indicators. There were also draws on many prizes presented by the Riffa Views’ management.

Commenting on the festivity, General Manager of the Riffa Views, Ali Zubari, said that the event was part of a series of recreational functions that the Riffa Views is keen to hold on various occasions throughout the year to bring joy to the hearts of residents, their families and their friends, affirming that a lineup of events will be held during the coming period.

Zubari lauded the massive participation of residents, paying special tribute to the Riffa Views Owners’ Association for their great cooperation. He also hailed the support received by the Riffa Views by sports and leisure clubs, health institutions and restaurants.

He asserted that the participants in the family sport day had enjoyed the atmosphere of family entertainment, and all were happy to share the joy with their children and friends.

The Riffa Views’ management is keen on supporting all events and proposals submitted by the residents in three estates of the residential complex, he said, adding that the management seeks to foster family rapprochement among the residents through launching a series of programmes and events that prove the authenticity of the Riffa Views’ community.

It is worth noting that such events are within the framework of a series of programmes that are hosted by the Riffa Views’ management, in cooperation and coordination with the Owners’ Association, for the aim of achieving positive social communication with all owners and residents at the Riffa Views.

Held throughout the year, especially during national and social occasions, such varied events and programmes are massively attended and supported by all parties, and cover many fields, including the cultural, social, sport and recreational fields.