Riffa Views Holds “Beauty Secrets” Workshop

The owners and residents of the Riffa Views’ three estates, the Oasis, the Lagoon and the Parks, attended the “Beauty Secrets” Workshop, held under the auspices of the Riffa Views’ Owners Association, in collaboration with the Make-up Atelier Paris.

Mrs. Hanadi Qassim, the owner of the Make-up Atelier Paris in Bahrain, conducted a session on face make-up arts for a number of Riffa Views’ ladies who expressed admiration for what they had learned during the event.

Head of Social Activities at the Riffa Views’ Owners Association, Mrs. Reema Shehab, expressed thanks to Hanadi Qassim for the tremendous efforts she had exerted to ensure the success of the workshop. She also thanked the participants in the course.

She added that the workshop was the first in a series of events to be held by the Owners’ Association in the near future.

Reema Shehab also thanked the management of the Riffa Views Real Estate Company for its cooperation in holding such sessions and events that are meant, first and foremost, at delivering the best for the Riffa View’ owners and residents.

The workshop is within the framework of a series of programmes that are implemented by the Owners Association in collaboration with the Riffa Views’ management for the aim of achieving positive social communication with all owners and residents at the Riffa Views’ compound.

Covering cultural, health, sport and recreational fields, such diversified events and programmes are very popular, and enjoy the support of all pa