‘Niqati’ Programme winners honoured

Riffa Views’ Holy Quran Centre concluded the November edition of the ‘Niqati’ (points) Programme by honouring the students with the highest number of points. Khalid Hisham Al-Rumaihi won the first place, while Hussain Mohammed Murad and Abdulla Yussef Al-Hussaini clinched the second and third places, respectively. Yasser Abdulrahman Al-Rae’e, the Managing Director of the Riffa Views’ Company, honoured the top-scoring students.

On the occasion, Imam and Orator of the Riffa Views’ mosque and Director of the Riffa Views’ Holy Quran Centre, Sheikh Salman Al-Misha’al, commended the efforts exerted by all the participants.

About the programme, he said that contenders are granted points based on three criteria through which they are evaluated. They include the student’s behaviour and adoption of the Holy Quran morals and teachings, regular attendance, in addition to memorisation of the Holy Quran. He stressed that the programme had fostered fair competition among the students, which motivated them to be distinctive and creative.

The Riffa Views’ Holy Quran Centre aims to memorise the Holy Quran to citizens and residents from all social segments. It also aims to teach the participants the Holy Quran with Tajweed (recitation) and according to the recognised Qira’at (methods of reading the Holy Quran).

The centre also aims to teach youngsters the true precepts of Islam, and educate members of the community and enrich their scientific knowledge about all Islamic issues.