New Park opened at the Lagoon Estate in Riffa Views

The Riffa Views’ Management has opened a new park at the Lagoon Estate, one of the Riffa Views’ three estates, in line with its keenness to preserve the environment and increase green areas.

The management held a special ceremony marking the occasion, in the presence of a great number of the Riffa Views’ residents and their friends.

The opening ceremony featured a tree-planting programme. Children from the Riffa Views planted trees carrying their names, which is a step through which the management wanted to encourage youngsters to love agriculture and planting. It is also aimed at promoting the preservation of green environment which has always been a distinctive feature of the Riffa Views’ estates, where green areas constitute about 60% of the total area of the compound.

On the occasion, the Riffa Views’ Managing-Director Yasser Al-Raee lauded the constant keenness of owners and residents to support the efforts exerted by the Riffa Views’ management to preserve the environment and promote the tree-planting culture, pledging that the Riffa Views company will continue its environment plans through holding a number of events and launching programmes that promote community partnership among all parties.

On his part, the General Manager of the Riffa Views’ Owners Association, Mr. Ali Zubari, said that the owners were extremely delighted with their new park which, he said, would be value-added to the Riffa Views residential complex, in general, and the Lagoon Estate, in particular. He also lauded the Riffa Views’ management’s unwavering interest in preserving the inherent value of farming, which is among the deep-rooted Arab values which are required by the Islamic Religion.

Zubari also asserted that the new park was one in a series of a host of development programmes that would be implemented across the Riffa Views’ green areas. He explained that many programmes had already been approved and would be implemented in the coming period, with the participation of the Riffa Views’ residents and their children, who would plant trees carrying their names in public gardens, affirming that such events are supported and encouraged by all the residents and owners of the Riffa Views compound.

Through holding such environment-related events, the Riffa Views’ Management aims to encourage children to maintain the green environment and take responsibility in developing the Riffa Views’ community, in particular, and the Bahraini society, in general.