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Welcome to your home, where a 90-hectare golf course is your view; a world-class international school is your child’s study room; a Country Club is your gym; lakes are your private oasis and a 196-hectare green landscape is your garden. Welcome home to Riffa Views.

Riffa Views comprises three exclusively distinct Signature Estates, a Colin Montgomerie championship golf course, a world-class international school and state-of-theart facilities and amenities. In creating an integrated development we are establishing a sustainable community. Our homeowners are part of Riffa Views success story, a story of many chapters and one that will be told for many years to come.

Yasser Abdulrahman Alraee
Managing Director

Why Riffa Views?

  • Environment: Riffa Views protect the environment, to preserve the principles of sustainable development.
  • Nature: When the family chooses nature and as a home.
  • Architecture: The beauty of place and the creativity of Architecture.
  • Privacy: Where tranquillity meets privacy.
  • Lifestyle: A modern lifestyle for all family members.
  • Sport: Enjoy practicing Sport.

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Riffa Views Management & Sales Office:
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E-mail: info@riffaviews.com
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Riffa - Kingdom of Bahrain
RV Owners’ Association (RVOA):
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Fax: (+973) 17 757 990
Mobile: (+973) 3999 6117
Security: (+973) 3999 6119
E-mail: residents@riffaviews.com
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