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Health Programme for Riffa Views’ Community Held

- 7 June 2016 -
Health Programme for Riffa Views’ Community Held The Riffa Views’ management has held, in cooperation with the Royal Bahrain Hospital, a health programme for the residents of the Riffa Views’ three estates, the Oasis, Lagoon and Parks. The event featured free medical checkups for chronic diseases, such as diabetes and blood pressure, along with weight and height measurement and body mass index tests.
On the occasion, the General Manager of the Riffa Views’ Owners Association, Ali Zubari, expressed delight in the programme, and commended the efforts exerted by the medical staff of the Royal Bahrain Hospital. He stressed that the Riffa Views’ Management and Owners Association are keen on providing all services and privileges that appeal to all members of the Riffa Views’ community.
The Royal Bahrain Hospital gave a host of special offers for the Riffa Views’ residents, including free dental check-ups at its premises in Riffa, alongside reduction coupons for treatment and check-ups of a number of diseases, and the “Golden Royal” coupons for blood tests at a nominal amount.
The health programme also included a training scientific lecture on the basics of support in emergency cases, delivered by a specialised nurse from the Royal Bahrain Hospital in collaboration with some volunteers and assistant nurses for 90 minutes.
The lecturer focused on ways to preserve the human heart, highlighting the correct meaning of “rest” for the human being and the amount of time needed for the human body so that oxygen can reach the brain. She also spoke about the procedures the cardiopulmonary resuscitation or CPR technique in cases of fainting, accidents and suffocation.
Oasis Estate resident, Ghada Ghazaq, said that she did not use to have any information about first aid before, stressing that the lecture enriched her knowledge about how to deal with such cases. She also lauded the diverse social events held by the Riffa Views’ management.
For his part, Hisham Ghassan called for the need to deliver specialised health sessions in first-aid for all Riffa Views’ residents. He affirmed that everyone should know such crucial health information, noting that they come across many cases of fainting and extreme fatigue among passers-by and friends but they ignore the adequate way to deal with them.

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