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Riffa Views Hosts a Delegation from BaPDA

- 16 April 2016 -
Riffa Views Hosts a Delegation from BaPDA As part of its policy of cooperating with various real estate developers and companies in the Kingdom of Bahrain, on 5 April 2016 Riffa Views Management hosted a delegation from the Bahrain Property Development Association (BaPDA). The delegation comprised BaPDA Chairman, Mr. Aaref Hejres, and several members, including owners of real estate companies, real estate developers or their representatives.
The delegation were welcomed by Riffa Views Managing Director, Yasser Alraee, General Manager of the Riffa Views Owners’ Association, Ali Zubari, and officials of Riffa Views management team.
Yasser Alraee briefed the delegation on the Riffa Views’ three estates (the Oasis, the Lagoons and the Parks) and highlighted the implementation stages of the project, including the final phase in which the remaining villas of the Parks Estate are being completed and sold.
The Riffa Views’ experience in establishing the Owners’ Association and the owners’ participation in the daily management of their community since 2012 through the elected Board of Directors was also reviewed.
The delegation toured the Riffa Views development which included a visit to a recently completed villa and were given details of the project’s facilities, design and construction. The Riffa Views Management then hosted the visiting delegation at the Royal Golf Club’s Repartee Lounge.
On his part, BaPDA Chairman, Mr. Aaref Hejres, said that “Riffa Views is among the most distinguished real estate projects in the kingdom,” lauding the design and the implementation of the previous phases of the project.
“The Riffa Views project is the first project of its kind in Bahrain regarding green spaces and wonderful views on golf courses, as well as its strategic location in the heart of the Kingdom,” he added, affirming the real estate sector is proud of such outstanding projects. 
BaPDA Chairman went on to say that the real estate market in the kingdom is among the best in the region, and is progressing steadily and attracting new investors. He added that the Bahraini property market has all the credentials to succeed and retains the confidence of investors.
Riffa Views Managing Director asserted that the “Riffa Views is keen to interacting with various real estate developers and companies in the kingdom”. He lauded the significant contributions of BaPDA to efforts to develop the real estate sector in the kingdom.
Members of the BaPDA delegation praised the Riffa Views’ successful experience in establishing the Owners’ Association to be in charge of the management of the affairs of the residential development. They also affirmed the prestigious reputation of the Riffa Views community, wishing its officials every success in completing its final stage.
The Bahrain Property Development Association promotes the real estate sector in the Kingdom and assists real estate operators to adopt the best business practices. It also liaises with the governmental entities to formulate policies relating to the real estate industry, and submit recommendations to authorities on ways to meet the needs of the private sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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