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Children Participate in Tree-planting Event

- 8 March 2016 -
Children Participate in Tree-planting Event

A number of the Riffa Views Parks Estate’s residents, including children and families, participated, last Saturday, in an environmental event held by the Riffa Views Management there, in the presence of several officials. The participants planted trees carrying their names.

Commenting on the event, the Director-General of the Riffa Views, Ali Zubari, said that “Children and their families were extremely happy while planting trees. Riffa Views is constantly keen on making its residential complex the best of its preserving the environment and enhancing green development in the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

“Children’s participation in the event of developing gardens and public facilities will have a positive impact on urging residents to take care of them, and building a special relation between youngsters and gardens through putting their names on the tree they had planted one day,” he added.

Zubari affirmed that the event was the first in a series of development initiatives to be launched in green spaces in Riffa Views, noting that many programmes have been approved and will be implemented in the coming periods. He explained that the Riffa Views residents and their children would plant trees that would bear their names in public gardens, pointing out that such events are widely-appreciated by residents across the complex.

Through holding such environmental events, the management of the Riffa Views residential complex seeks to encourage children to preserve the green environment, and raise awareness on the need to advance the community of Riffa Views, in particular, and the Bahraini society, in general.

The Riffa Views real estate company is the administrative and technical arm of the Homeowners Association of the complex. The association is overseen by the elected board.

The company is responsible for the management of public areas and facilities in the Riffa Views residential complex. It also collects fees from the owners on the services it delivers to the residents. All the financial operations are subjected to external auditing. In addition, all the owners of Riffa Views are constantly updated on the financial results and the financial situation of the company.

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