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Riffa Views Hosts Maserati Car Owners

- 22 February 2016 -
Riffa Views Hosts Maserati Car Owners

Riffa Views honoured, last Saturday, the owners of the Maserati car in Bahrain through a celebration it had organised in cooperation with the Euro Motors at the Parks Estate. Many Maserati car owners attended the event, along with their families and friends. They were briefed on the main estates in Riffa Views, including the Parks, the Oasis and the Lagoon estates, and the implementation stages of the project.

On the occasion, Riffa Views Managing Director Yasser Abdulrahman Al Raee said: “We are pleased to celebrate the Maserati car owners in Bahrain through this gathering which we held at the Riffa Views’ Parks Estate. We were very delighted to meet the Maserati car owners, alongside their families and friends.”

Paul Yates, General Manager of Euro Motors said: “We are pleased to witness a large number of Maserati owners at Riffa Views, these events not only gather the Maserati owners but also allows them to experience the lifestyle that comes with owning a Maserati.

 Mr. Yates added that the gathering was within the framework of a series of events that were organised by Maserati as the best means to interact with the local community through holding activities that would gather the Maserati owners as well as their families and friends.

Yates highly appreciated the hospitality bestowed to Euro Motors by the Riffa Views Company officials, praising the meaningful cooperation aimed at achieving the interests of all parties.

The attendees toured Riffa Views’ Parks, Oasis and Lagoon estates. They stopped at one of the villas offered for sale in the Parks Estate. They toured the villa and were given a detailed explanation about its rooms, spaces and distinctive features. Then, they headed to the Royal Golf Club, where the Riffa Views hosted a lunch banquet in honour of the Maserati car owners.

The event is within the framework of a number of functions that the Riffa Views intends to hold throughout the year. They aim to inform the Bahraini society about Riffa Views, and its outstanding residential estates, services and facilities which make it among the most prestigious not only at the level of the Southern Governorate, but also at national level thanks to its special characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the projects.

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