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Riffa Views Is Committed to Environment

- 8 February 2016 -
Riffa Views Is Committed to Environment

Riffa Views B.S.C.(c) has announced its unwavering efforts to support environment-friendly plans, programmes and projects.

“In Riffa Views, we are proud to provide the best real estate projects in the Kingdom of Bahrain that are committed to the standards of preserving the environment, and support sustainable development projects,” Riffa Views Managing Director Yasser Abdulrahman Al Raee said.

In a statement marking the kingdom’s celebration of the National Environment Day, Al-Raee highlighted Riffa Views’ tireless efforts to consolidate procedures to ensure sustainable healthy environment, and preserve all natural resources through encouraging and promoting farming and afforestation programmes and activities in the desert areas surrounding the Riffa Views Complex.

Al-Raee underlined the social and national responsibility to which Riffa Views had been committed since the beginning of the establishment of its residential complex and until the completion of its final phase, stressing the company’s call for projects to adhere to the requirements of environment, green urbanisation, as well as sustainable agriculture and aforestation.

The company attaches great importance to green solutions in all its projects, Al-Raee affirmed, noting that all internal policies of the Riffa Views’ departments and directorates urge the preservation of environment and protection of its resources.

On his part, Dr Abdul Majeed Al Awadhi, Chairman of the Riffa Views Home Owners Association, asserted that the aesthetic aspects and green spaces prevailing across the Riffa Views residential complex, and the company’s commitment to ensuring sustainable environment had motivated people to live there. He lauded the great awareness of the Riffa Views’ owners, and their keenness on preserving the environment and protecting natural resources.

“Everyone in Riffa Views is working to spread awareness and promote the environment preservation culture,” Al-Awadhi added.

The Riffa Views residential complex is a model community in Bahrain regarding the preservation of the environment. It contains many green areas, including the golf courses of the Royal Golf Club and the Royal Country Club, as well as the lakes spreading near those green spaces. In addition, the Swage Water Treatment Plant, which treats the wastewater of the Riffa Views Complex and part of Awali, produces water that is used to feed the lakes of the golf courses and irrigate the green areas and trees spread across the Riffa Views Complex. Other than that, Riffa Views has held numerous events and functions to encourage farming and planting of trees in desert areas.

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