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Riffa Views Holds National Day Festival

- 14 December 2015 -
Riffa Views Holds National Day Festival The Riffa Views Management held a national festival marking the kingdom's celebrations of the glorious National Day and the Anniversary of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa's Accession to Throne. Citizens, families and guests staying in the Riffa Views Residential Complex attended the festival, held at the Parks neighbourhood. The festival featured many events that appealed to the audience. They included a variety of activities such as drawing on children's faces, providing a drawing studio and the screening of a tennis match. The festival also included a special corner for children's games and a mini marathon, as well as distinct participation by the Bahrain International Circuit through bringing a experimental racetrack to the Riffa Views for the first time.
On the occasion, the Managing Director of Riffa Views Yasser Abdulrahman Al-Raee extended sincere congratulations to the wise leadership and the loyal people of Bahrain on the national celebrations.  "The events that Riffa Views is holding at this time of the year are among the happiest celebrations as they are related to the National Day, and the Anniversary of HM King Hamad's Accession to the Throne, two occasions that are cherished by all Bahrainis," he said, adding that most property owners in the residential complex, including citizens, non-Bahrainis and their esteemed guests, participated, alongside their families, in the national festival and enjoyed the atmosphere.
Al-Raee pointed out that 50% of the Riffa Views' property owners are Bahraini citizens, while non-Bahrainis, from Arab and foreign nationalities, make up 50%. He said that the massive participation in the festival was like a social fabric that expressed the spirit of loyalty and belonging, noting that the keenness of everyone to take part in the festival conveys a clear message that everyone feels proud of belonging to this precious land and its wise leadership.
The Riffa Views Managing Director thanked all the participants in the national festival, commending the efforts of the Public Security personnel in organising the traffic flow, as well as those of the organising committee and the volunteers.

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